How to select a bouquet for a first grader

With September 1 – the Knowledge Day – approaching, kids and their parents begin to prepare for the ceremonial line and, among other things, pick a bouquet as a gift to a teacher. Not everyone knows the taste and preferences of the teacher, especially first-graders, so you have to buy a bouquet almost randomly. What a bouquet for the first teacher should be like?Continue Reading >>>

How to decorate a house with the help of ikebana

We all love to decorate our homes, make them cozy and bring individuality to every room and corner. And what, if not the flowers, helps us in the process?! However, freshly cut flowers have one unfortunate feature – no matter how hard we try, they still fade, and one day they have to be reluctantly thrown away. But did you know that the flowers dried in a vase are not always so unsuitable for further use?Continue Reading >>>

Five plants that will bring joy to your home

We are all used to bouquets of flowers in our homes, but not everyone knows about the benefits of some potted houseplants that bring happiness, harmony, and even heal their owners. Here are five most popular houseplants.Continue Reading >>>

Legends of flowers

A flower is a symbol of love, loyalty, origin of something new and continuing of the already existing. Without them it is impossible to imagine the world around us with its traditions and customs. It is flowers that remain the most valuable and dear gifts for sweethearts, a reward for the winners of various competitions from time immemorial to this day.Continue Reading >>>

Health benefit of fresh flowers

Few people would say that getting a bouquet does not affect the state of our health in any way. Of course, such a nice gift as a bunch of our favorite flowers will not leave you indifferent.Continue Reading >>>

Myosotis – Review, History, Photo

This herb belongs to the Boraginaceae family. It may be annual, biennial, and even perennial, which, coupled with its easy cultivation and cold resistance, makes it popular among gardeners.Continue Reading >>>

Echinacea – Full Review, History, Photo, Medical

Echinacea purpurea is a perennial herbaceous plant of the Asteraceae family, 80-120 cm high. Native to the eastern United States. It is a tall and amazingly beautiful plant. Inflorescences are large, purple-violet anthodiums. Depending on the climate, it begins to bloom in late May or early July. It is cultivated as an ornamental and medicinal plant.Continue Reading >>>

Catharanthus roseus – Review, History, Photo, Medical

Native to Madagascar, Catharanthus is an evergreen perennial plant of the Apocynaceae family. Catharanthus means “a flawless flower” in Greek. And indeed, the flowers of this plant stand out with their perfect, amazing pure pink, purple and white hues.Continue Reading >>>